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Notes From The Streamside...

19th February, 2014. 6:13 pm. Is this thing on?

Is anybody still out there?

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22nd February, 2013. 8:38 pm. Possible very brief coda.

Perfect marriage.

Fantastic job with great colleagues.

Lovely home in a beautiful setting.

A wide range of diverse and stimulating hobbies and pursuits.

Fun personal fitness program with very challenging goals.

Interest in gaming and geek culture that's been on the wane for years and has dwindled to the vanishing point over the past year or so.

Increasing realization that social media holds little appeal for me anymore, is a poor substitute for socializing in meatspace, and is really only a timesink that detracts from the foregoing.

I deleted my Twitter account, and scaled my Facebook account way back to family, extremely close friends and shooting buddies a couple of months ago. And tonight is possibly the third time I've checked into LJ since locking it down around Christmastime. I don't really miss it. Any of you who're reading this and who I was Twitter or FB friends with, take no offence from this; it's not you, it's the medium. If you really want to keep tabs on me via social media, send an FB request; just don't expect much interaction. I'm not as active there as I was. Email is the best way to get in touch with me these days.

I'm just not feeling the social media urge any more. I'm still active over on Fitocracy because Fitocracy is a useful adjunct to the fitness program. If you haven't got an account there, you should check it out. It's like social media, only it doesn't help make you fat.

I'll be keeping the LJ, since it's been nearly eleven years, and is a neat record of my transition from fat depressed overstressed unhappily married urbanite anti with a burgeoning social media addiction to my current situation, where I have almost all aspects of my life optimized to nearly ideal. And I might get the urge to start blogging again; who knows. But in the meantime, I've got better places to be than cyberspace:


It's nice out here.

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6th June, 2012. 7:32 am. Pictures from Sunday's Spartan Sprint

So I managed to self-inflict a mild LCL strain going over the first wall obstacle for the second time (I'd gone back to give somebody a boost over it), but managed to hobble through the rest of the race.

Which was fine, since Carolyn, on the way over to the race, got very quiet and serious and then announced that she was going to run it with us after all, which she did, with no training.

It was a great time, the knee should be good to tun on again in a few weeks, and I am going to train up for a Spartan Trifecta next year: a 5k Sprint, a longer Super Spartan, and a Spartan Beast.

Each level comes with a different colour of finisher's medal, you see... I want them all.

Running a Spartan with your spouse, sibling, and close family is one of the best things you can do for yourselves. I'm still pumped.

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